Semi-automatic strapping machines are the most economical choice; a great addition to any mail room. Polychem’s automatic arch machines are extremely reliable and also come in side seal, dual press, small package, and stainless steel configurations. Lastly, our fully automatic arch strappers are for in-line use and require no operator.

Semi Automatic

Polychem’s PC101 and PC102 are just what you would want in a table top strapping machine. They are highly dependable and economical for low to moderate shipping room applications. The PC101 is a closed cabinet design. The PC102 has an open cabinet and the legs are adjustable for height.  Both machines use economical polypropylene strapping.

Polychem’s PC650RPS retractable pallet strapper is ideal for low to moderate use pallet strapping. This machine is portable and the bayonet automatically retracts when the strapping cycle is complete. The retractable bayonet reduces floor space, improves maneuverability, and protects the bayonet from damage.

Automatic Arch Strappers - Offline

For medium to heavy production use we recommend our high speed PC1000 series machine. The PC1000 machine can cycle up to 65 straps per minute. It is available in stainless steel for the meat, fish and poultry industries, and can be ordered with a dual pneumatic top press.

For light to moderate production use we recommend the EC3000 as an excellent value priced entry level arch machine.

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