BestPack™ AT4E Series

The BestPack™ AT4E Series is an adjustable operator-free, four outer edge carton sealer, using pressure-sensitive tape. The AT4E is designed to eliminate costly hand taping of the four outer edges where pilfer proofing and protection of your product from the outside environment is necessary. The unit includes a front side entry for a 90-degree directional carton turn before entering into the four-edge sealing station. The AT4E edge sealers require 80 PSI and 10 SCFM of air, and standard 110V 60 Hz, single-phase current. The AT4E line incorporates our exclusive 3″ pop-out pressure-sensitive “High Speed” tape heads with BestPack’s patented tab adjustment.

All BestPack units are available in our standard baked enamel finish and food grade 304 stainless steel for 21 CFR 110 compliance.


  • SPEED: Up to 8 Cartons/min.
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: 110 Volts 60 Hz - Single Phase Current
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 1,470 lbs.
  • MACHINE DIMENSIONS: (78.9") x (48.5") x (63.0")
  • CARTON RANGE: (10.3" - 23.5") x (9.8" - 23.5") x (9.8" - 23.5")
  • CONVEYOR HEIGHT AND ADJUSTMENT: Determined at the time of order

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