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A single-source packaging provider is one of the best ways to create efficiencies and consistency for your workplace. Not only does it limit your pricing fluctuation that occurs from working with several vendors, but it also gives you a single point of contact that can handle all of your packaging needs.

Why Choose CS Packaging?

By choosing to work with us, you will benefit from the following:

  • 24/7 access to our online store
  • More than 30,000 stock products and endless custom packaging product options
  • Over 30 years experience in the industry
  • Reliable, just-in-time delivery
  • Competitive pricing
  • Located in the heart of the United States’ distribution triangle

CS Packaging proudly offers innovative and customized packaging solutions for the following industries:

E-Commerce & Subscription Boxes

E-commerce is the future of business and is changing the way all brands deliver goods to their consumers. Although straight-to-doorstep is a new and growing trend, you should call on seasoned veterans to get the job done -- And CS Packaging has been offering e-commerce and distribution packaging services for over 30 years. While you're busy managing all the vital aspects of your business, let us do the legwork of making your packaging solutions easy, affordable, and headache-free!CSP sub box

CS Packaging provides the perfect printed packages for your brand in the form of mailers, subscription boxes, standard cartons, custom envelopes and bubble mailers, and much more. 

We work with all print types such as:

  • Flexographic
  • Lithographic, also known as “litho label”
  • Digital
  • 4-color process

We also offer special finishes to achieve the exact aesthetic that matches your brand, ensuring that your customers will always recognize your product packaging. Download our free guide below for more information:

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Distribution & Third-Party Logistics

The world of distribution, 3PL's, and transportation is fast-paced, and CS Packaging offers the perfect automation tools and packaging items to keep you running smoothly even in the most hectic environment. We offer next-day and just-in-time delivery, so the packaging items you need are always there when you need them. 

For the 3PL industry, we are best at supplying:

  • Standard and custom cartons
  • Hand-length and machine-length tapes
  • Poly bags and bubble mailers with auto-fill systems
  • Labels, packing list-enclosed envelopes, and shipping supplies
  • Hand and machine stretch film and stretch film machines

Looking for packaging machinery? We offer several useful tools, such as auto-baggers, carton sealers, carton folders, stretch film machines, and automated void fill systems to increase your throughput and get your products to our customers faster.



The manufacturing industry is a busy place, and is often expected to provide the best turnaround times possible. Luckily, CS Packaging is here to help with great prices and fast delivery times on quality packaging items.

Many manufacturers need partitions and inserts to get a bulk of their products safely to the next step in the supply chain. We are able to offer this using traditional materials as well as 100% sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

For the manufacturing industry, we are best at providing:

  • Bulk boxes and case packs
  • Partitions and trays
  • On-demand void fill and cushioning systems
  • Boxes and crating that can hold up to hundreds of pounds or many tiny parts

Printers & Marketing

CS Packaging has been offering packaging services to printers and direct marketing companies for over 30 years. You are busy running fast, quality jobs and need a packaging supplier you can trust! We provide packaging items to both be used in production as well as to package your final products.

Beyond always keeping standard printers boxes in stock, we supply a wide range of helpful products:

  • Corrugated sheets for mounting in all flute sizes and colors
  • Bookfolds and mailers
  • Shrink film and shrink film systems

CS Packaging also supplies machinery such as carton sealers and carton folders to get your jobs out efficiently. The best part? All of this comes from one single source provider with a just-in-time delivery guarantee.


From idea inception, to design, prototypes, final production, and even inventory management, we can assist you with the packaging process from start to finish. The benefits seen from a valuable partnership are crucial in an industry as competitive as retail.

CSP retail photo

Often used in retail, we offer custom cartons with eye-catching designs, custom flexible packaging and pouches, custom mailers, point of sale shelf and floor displays, and shrink wrap systems to help bundle items and protect you from theft.

For custom retail packaging, we work with several print types to achieve the perfect aesthetic, such as:

  • Flexographic
  • Lithographic, also known as “litho label”
  • Digital
  • 4-color process
  • Embossing, matte, soft-touch, gloss, and other finishes


Electronics packaging is different from your normal packaging, and must be carefully chosen in order to prevent mechanical damage or electrostatic discharge. Luckily, we have been offering packaging solutions for the electronics industry for over 30 years, meaning we fully understand the delicate nature of electronics and that not all electronic components are created equal.

We offer many different static shielding and anti-static products for all shapes and sizes to help keep your products protected during transit until delivery. Whether you need millions of thermoformed trays to work in your automated systems year-round, or need solutions for a single product line -- we've got you covered! Download our free guide below for more information: 

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From basic janitorial and cleaning supplies to specific needs like remote and furniture covers, CS Packaging has all of your hospitality supplies in stock. Our next-day shipping makes your supply planning easy. Simply tell us what you need, and we will make it happen!

Even throughout the immense sanitization supply challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, CS Packaging proudly worked around the clock to keep our clients healthy and safe by supplying masks, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and sanitizing wipes.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

CS Packaging has supplied the medical and pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years. We offer products that adhere to the most strict standards as well as cost-competitive daily use items.

For this industry, we are best at providing:

  • Clean-room certified products
  • American-made products
  • Poly bags and medical-grade pouches
  • Boxes and bulk-shipping solutions

Our close attention to detail and quick turnaround time helps to keep you worry-free and focused on other, more daunting tasks.

Cosmetics & Wellness

The cosmetics and wellness sector is well known for its use of beautiful and well-designed packaging. These industries, more than many others, put an emphasis on the ability for customers to recognize your products and brand through the packaging you provide.

Luckily, CS Packaging has expertise in offering packaging solutions to this industry from idea inception, to design, to execution.

To achieve the perfect aesthetic to match our brand, we work with all print types such as flexographic, lithographic (litho label), digital, and 4-color process, and offer special and unique finishes like gloss, matte, foil, soft-touch, and embossing.

We also offer:

  • High quality, attractive materials to ensure your customer has the ultimate unboxing experience 
  • FDA-approved and Recycle Program-approved materials
  • Endless options of custom trays, inserts, and other protective packaging to make your product stand out while remaining safe and secure\

Download our free guide below for more information: 

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Food & Food Service

When it comes to the food and food service industries, certified clean and safe are the name of the game. CS Packaging is able to provide packaging that adheres to the most strict standards as well as cost-competitive daily use items.

An example of our safe and clean packaging is flexible packaging that meets specific and measurable moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR), water vapor transmission rate (WVTR), and oxygen transmission rate (OTR). CSP food packaging

We also offer: 

  • FDA-approved trays and pouches that come in all different size, shapes, and material types
  • Shrink film along with shrink film equipment to help keep your items protected and ready for the market
  • Heavy duty and large cartons for your machinery
  • Small, cost-effective cartons and mailers for your replacement parts

Whatever your needs are, CS Packaging is ready to supply you with everything you need to get products delivered safely and economically. Download our free custom-use packaging guide for more information on all different types of custom packaging: 

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