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CS Packaging offers custom printed corrugated boxes and other shipping supplies to a variety of industries. We work with you to create the most cost-effective and secure packaging for your unique product.

We also offer digital printing services which eliminates costly print plates and long lead times.

No product, industry, or market is out of our scope!



Our custom printed corrugated boxes are perfect for companies that want to spread brand awareness. Custom printed corrugated boxes are a huge asset to your business and your brand - branded packaging creates a positive association with your product to your customer. 

We also provide digital printed boxes that eliminate long lead times and costly print plates. With digital printing there are no minimums, so you can order just 1 box. Other printed products include branded box sealing tape, void fill and other custom shipping supplies.

We can customize any standard product that’s in our catalog! Request a quote now.



Make an impact on your customers, their friends, the mailworkers - everyone who sees your subscription box!

If you’re trying to run a successful monthly subscription business, the packaging is almost as important as the product inside. Your subscription box should identify your brand with just a quick glance.

Custom retail packaging is a great way to create a message and promote brand awareness to your customers on store shelves.

Custom retail boxes can be personalized to appeal to business brand identity and the customer experience.



Making sure your products are displayed in a way that appeals to your customers is key. Customizing displays to reflect your brand colors, logos, and product designs can help to further attract customers’ attention when they’re browsing in the store.

Custom floor and countertop displays include:

  • Case stacker retail displays
  • Corrugated retail pallet display
  • Pallet skirt display
  • Full pallet retail display
  • End cap display
  • + more!


image002-1When shipping multiple products, they need to stay safe from external damage as well as internal damage. Products that make contact with each other in the box are much more likely to arrive in poorer condition than they left. Custom partitions ensure there is no product contact that could cause damage during shipping.

Partitions can be customized for size, thickness, material, and more depending on your product’s needs. Additionally, more than one partition can be incorporated into your box depending on the amount of products being shipped at once.

Custom partitions are available in both Chipboard and corrugated materials.

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