Shrink Film Machines To Fit Your Needs



PP-1519ECMC Series

Economy series with seal area of 15” W x 19” L This L’ Sealer and Tunnel combination system is only 76” in total length. New “Micro knife Seal Technology”. The tunnel features fully re-curculating air chamber, digital temperature control, pin wheel hole punch, 8 ft power cord and casters. Machines available in either 110 volt or 220 volt power. Speeds of 10-12 PPM




PP-1622MK L’Sealer and PP1808-28 Shrink tunnel built on common frame. L’Sealer adjusts from side to side to center package into shrink tunnel while tunnel adjusts up and down to match height of discharge conveyor on L' Sealer. One power source 220V, 1 phase, 45 amps. Includes pin wheel hole punch, locking casters and 8 ft power cord. Speeds of 10-20 PPM



PP-5300E Combo

The PP-5300E Combination machine is an entry level fully automatic shrink system for any company that currently has a semi automatic L' Sealers and are struggling to keep up with production. This unit features Hot Knife seal bar with vertical seal head, front load film rack saves space, automatic scrap wind up, 24" L x 19" W x 4" H seal area, will do up to 20 PPM. Tunnel included and priced at only $23,850 complete.