Padded Mailers

EverTec Mailers

The recyclable padded mailer is made by sandwiching this "dream" material between sheets of lightweight paper. The resulting mailer protects customer orders, without needing to rely on bulkier boxes which takes up space and causes airplanes, semi-trucks, and delivery vans to depart with fewer customer orders aboard. Packing more orders in each load means fewer trips, less fuel burned, and a smaller carbon footprint.


  • High seam strength – strong bottom and side heat seals bring added strength

    Strong flap (2 ply) – self-seal adhesive closure is tamper-evident, yet accessible
  • Pull-tab tear strip – easy opening and rewarding “unboxing” effect
  • Top strength-to-weight ratio – highly puncture resistant
  • High-impact resistance – lightweight cushioning interior protects during transit
  • Flexible design – increased durability with added “give” ships anything from books to pharmaceuticals to cosmetics
  • Lightweight – reduces most small corrugated boxes
  • 100% curbside recyclable – eliminates waste and eco-friendly boostcases reduce outbound shipping costs, increases warehouse efficiency

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