Void Fill

FillPak Trident™

Trident is a 100% paper-based protective packaging solution that potentially delivers a 15% or more reduction in paper usage compared to other paper-based machines and can eliminate the use of non-sustainable plastic-based package fill products like air cushions. The in-line machine features a patented triangular paper shape and can serve the dual purpose of void fill and blocking & bracing for safe product delivery in shipping. All key benefits to high volume shippers.

Superior Protection

With its unique, patented triangular pad shape, Trident offers superior protection with less paper when compared to traditional protective paper packaging options.

Improved Efficiency

With easy loading, users have to reload less often, which saves time and improve efficiency. This makes Trident an ideal choice for high-volume environments like 3PL, fulfillment and distribution centers. The custom loading button ensures frustration free loading.

Various operating modes

With a HMI touchscreen and five operation modes, like EDS, batch, and recipe, users can quickly navigate and utilize custom packaging solutions and pre-set modes.

Labor Savings

When compared to packing with plastic airbags, Fillpak Trident™ offers an overall labor savings of approximately 20%.



  • Cut Method: Automatic
  • Weight: 182 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 24″ x 43″ x 64″
  • Power: 110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • Feed Rate: Up to 96″ per second


Fillpak Trident™ can be used to replace plastic air bags/cushions with a sustainable paper-based alternative as well as to save paper packaging. Fillpak Trident ™ is considered to be comparable to air cushions from a price standpoint.


45# Brown Kraft

  • Bundle Length: 1,200′
  • Bundle Width: 15″
  • Bundle Weight: 22 lbs.

55# Brown Kraft

  • Bundle Length: 1,000′
  • Bundle Width: 15″
  • Bundle Weight: 24 lbs.

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