PC1500 SS

PC1500 SS Strapping Machine

The PC1500SS is a splash-down, side-seal strapping machine. It is manufactured with stainless steel frame and rust-resistant or corrosion retardant parts inside. The water-resistant design provides exceptional protection from moisture and splash-down spray. The PC1500SS is applicable in moist and harsh working environments such as meat/poultry processing plants and the marine food industry.


  • 304 Stainless Steel

  • Splash down machine (IP54 rating)

  • High strapping speed (up to 60 straps per minute)

  • End of cycle and strapping error signals

  • Various arch sizes

  • Internal strap dispenser protects strap from water

  • Water resistant design


  • Operator friendly low strap sensor (triple lamp)
  • End of cycle and strapping error signals
  • Vertical press bar (pneumatic)
  • Energy saving conveyor with auto sleep mode (PC)
  • Available without adjustable roller table

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