PP-981HP Stretch Wrapper

Semi-automatic pallet wrapper with mechanical pre-stretch and digital controls. 10 program memory, Variable wrap count, 3,000 lb capacity, fixed speed turntable, standard machine accommodates pallets up to 85" high, Heavy-duty belt drive for film carriage, #50 heavy-duty drive chain on a turntable, 14 sets of double roller turntable supports, 59" heavy-duty turntable with diamond plate non-slip surface. 110-volt power.


Maximum Load Size: 48” L x 48” W x 85” H

Maximum Load weight: 3,000 lb. Dynamic

Machine Dimensions: 96” L x 58” W x 102” H

Weight: 1000 lbs

Crated Size: 120” L x 62” W x 30” H

Estimated Shipping weight: 1,200 lbs.

Turntable diameter: 59"

Turntable Drive: Fixed speed of 10 RPM Mechanical break stretch

Turntable Drive Method: Heavy duty chain drive

Turntable Support: Heavy Duty Delrin Rollers w/Sealed Bearings (very quiet)

Carriage Elevator: Fixed speed

Controls: Omron Relays and Inverters

Forklift Portable

Positive Alignment

Warranty: 3 Years

Power: 110 volts - 10 amps - single phase

Available Options for PP-981 Series

  • 5,000 Built in weigh scale
  • 72" Diameter turntable
  • Base extensions
  • Variable speed turntable
  • 105" tall mast

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