Sharp® MAX-PRO 18

Sharp® MAX-PRO 18 System

The MAX-PRO 18 was built from the ground up to reduce downtime through predictive maintenance, easier troubleshooting, and much faster bag and pass-through changeovers. No machine on the market is as advanced as the MAX-PRO 18, and no machine will give you greater uptime on your fulfillment lines.

Runs longer and wider packages up to 18" wide with an 8" passthrough.


Cutting Edge Technology

  • Advanced diagnostics monitor individual machine components, notifying technicians of any potential problems and allowing replacement parts to be ordered before a failure occurs
  • Networkable HMI responds like a smartphone: faster and more intuitive, with easy to understand icons
  • Passthrough size now adjustable via the HMI, with no tools required

More Versatile Operation

  • Simplified bag threading system allows even novice operators to load new bags easily
  • Sharp MAX-PRO 18 accommodates 18” wide bags with an 8” passthrough depth
  • Save job settings in HMI for easy access
  • Store label designs and even create labels directly on the HMI
  • Compatible with both rolls and boxes of bags

More Efficient

  • Aluminum jaw is lightweight and faster, decreasing cycle times
  • Heavy duty drive fingers never need realignment
  • Obstruction sensing jaw
  • Constantly heated sealing mechanism offers a longer life than impulse mechanisms

Faster Printing

  • Incorporating Zebra thermal printers permits direct printing onto the package for bar codes, graphics, and alphanumeric fonts
  • Movable printing head sets to precise positions, eliminating queuing and reducing material cost and scrap
  • Decrease thermal ribbon usage as much as 90% with reduced spacing between impressions, printing with alternative registrations, and adjusting impression placements to maximize ribbon usage

Access Data Anywhere

  • HMI, printer, and PLC can be networked, so they can be accessed at any time from almost anywhere
  • Use remote label printing, production reporting, and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) control

Easy Maintenance

  • New design utilizes fewer components, decreasing downtime and increasing ease of maintenance
  • Improved error reporting pinpoints problems for hassle free troubleshooting
  • Off-the-shelf, nonproprietary parts can be purchased at most MRO stores
  • Service hatches are positioned in the front to allow easier access
  • The service manual is integrated into the HMI for convenient reference
  • The color touchscreen display provides troubleshooting guidance with exploded view drawings, manufacturer and part numbers, and html help files with hyperlinks to explain any term


  • Retail
  • Pharmaceuticals/Medical
  • Injection Molding
  • Food
  • Fulfillment

Options & Consumables

General Purpose LDPE
This versatile low density polyethylene film is excellent for general clarity packaging requirements.
HD Mailer
This mailer provides excellent opacity to protect document, prescription or other sensitive material from view or puncture.
Xtreme Poly (XP)
Providing excellent clarity for customer appeal and retail display, while providing cost savings over regular mono layer films.
Additional Options
Other poly bags that are compatible with Sharp Automated Bagging Systems.

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