SV5000C Strapping Machine

Polychem's SV5000C fully automatic strapping machine is the ideal machine for cutting paper and plastic totes. The SV5000C with its servo motor technology provides high speed (up to 55 straps per minute) tamper-proof security. No operator is needed and the SV5000C can handle cartons/totes up to 100 lbs. The multi-colored touch screen controls with diagnostics and three-tier LED status light to provide an informative user-friendly design. The machine also has a variable speed conveyor and quick-adjust castors. These features coupled with Polychem's extra-long strap coils add up to a lower cost of ownership versus other strapping systems. The SV5000C is truly a full-featured machine with a basic machine price.


  • Full color touch screen controls with diagnostics

  • Three tier LED status light tower

  • Variable speed conveyor belts

  • Automatic waist high loading

  • Quick adjust legs 26" to 36"

  • Up/down stream interlocks

  • Yaskawa AC servo motors and drives


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